Terms and conditions

1. Check-in and check-out

Check-in to the accommodation will be on the day agreed in the booking confirmation from 17. 00 until 23. 00. Please note that we cannot guarantee entry at 17. 00 due to the new contingency and cleaning protocols for COVID-19. Complete sanitization of the property before your arrival is our priority, so please call before you arrive to confirm the availability of the contracted accommodation. In the case that the arrival occurs after 23. 00 hours Cabo de Gata Gestión S.L. reserves the right to charge the amount of 25€ per hour of delay as a "Late check out";. In cases where entry is requested before 2pm, confirmation will be required from Villazul and will always be attended to organisational reasons and the availability of the contracted accommodation.

The day of departure will also be the one stipulated in the reservation and will be made before 11. 00 am. For departures from 11. 00 a confirmation from Villazul Cabo de Gata will be necessary, as long as the accommodation is available.

On the day of arrival, all guests will be registered in the house and a valid ID card or passport will be required for all guests over the age of 14. A set of keys and tourist information about the area will be provided. The total amount of the reservation will then be paid, deducting the pre-payment of the deposit charged for the confirmation.In addition it will also be necessary to block a deposit by means of a bank card as a guarantee. This amount will be agreed upon in the confirmation of the reservation and will be proportional to the type of accommodation and its characteristics, as well as the presence of pets if applicable, the number of guests and the total number of nights reserved. This deposit will be used exclusively to rectify possible damage caused by the improper use of the installations and elements that make it up, loss of keys, lack of cleaning, accumulation of rubbish, both inside and outside of the house in each case.

The house must remain after the departure of the guest as it was found on the day of his arrival. The mentioned deposit will be returned between 4 and 7 working days after the departure date of the accommodation and the supervision of its facilities. Damages that may have occurred as a result of standard use are excluded from this clause. The total number of people accommodated may not exceed that stipulated in the reservation and under no circumstances will it be greater than the accommodation capacity of the contracted accommodation, as stipulated by law. Any excess in this number at the time of arrival or later entitles Cabo de Gata Gestión S.L. to the immediate dissolution of the contract without any compensation to the tenant.

It is expressly forbidden to assign or sublet the property or to transfer the reservation to a third party other than the one who signs this contract.


2. Conditions and rules for pets:

Dogs are allowed in some types of accommodation and will always require written confirmation from Cabo de Gata Gestión S.L. at the time of booking. Only one dog up to 20 kg is allowed per accommodation or 2 dogs up to a maximum of 5 kg each. No   other pets are allowed, please consult our agents if you have any further questions or requests.

You will be charged an extra cleaning per pet"; of 8 euros per dog per day, which will be paid on the day of arrival. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the safety of the animal and the accommodation, and it is also strictly forbidden to leave the animal alone in the accommodation and without supervision. You must also respect other tenants and or adjacent neighbors in terms of noise and bad smells that may arise. In addition, it is totally prohibited for dogs to roam freely in common areas, and the conditions and rulesregarding pets in each neighbourhood must be respected.


3. Good practices in the use and enjoyment of the facilities:

 Cabo de Gata Gestión S.L. is not responsible for situations outside the accommodation, such as external noise, works outside the home, interruptions or temporary cuts in the supplies of the accommodation that do not individually affect this and other causes of nature similar that are not attributable to the ownership. In the event that the reserved accommodation has a swimming pool, terrace, balcony, communal areas, private and communal gardens or any other facilities attached to the rented property, Cabo de Gata Gestión S.L. will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur, particularly with regard to security and surveillance. The use of such facilities is the sole responsibility of the tenant customer. Undertaking in this act not to make, neither he nor the rest of the people who make up the present lease, a disproportionate or vandalic use of the same or use them in a state of drunkenness, under the effects of psychotropic substances that alter both their physical and mental capacities and that may endanger both their integrity and that of third parties who are not part of this document or that may cause discomfort or confrontations with other users of the said instalations.

The use of radio or other noise-producing music players, instruments or devices may not cause disturbance to the rest of the neighbourhood, limiting their use and volume to common sense and provided that the neighbours'; rest times are respected. In this regard, they should refrain from their use between 11 p. m. and 10 a. m. , coinciding with the night's rest, and between 3 p. m. and 5 p. m. , respecting the nap time schedule.

4. Responsible Consumption and Environment

 The team that make up Villazul Cabo de Gata Real Estate and all its collaborators are very conscious of the environment. We live in a geographical area of special environmental protection and we are very aware of the importance of preserving the natural paradise in which we are. The respect for nature, the sustainable use of resources and the low massification of our coasts, is not only a sign of identity of the Park Cabo de Gata-Níjar, but also its inhabitants and all those who visit us. Remember that you are in a maritime-terrestrial park that is also included in the European Geoparks network, so we invite you to be part of this environment and respect it as you deserve.

Please be aware of where you come to enjoy your holiday, make responsible use of electricity and water consumption. Do not leave light bulbs on when not in use, put the washing machine with a full load, respect the capacity of the refrigerator and freezer, actions such as not leaving the air conditioning on when it is not in the house or in any room of the same, close the windows when it is on, ventilate the house every morning, make use of the parasols, awnings and blinds available in each case, maintain the temperature stable between 24 and 26 degrees of air conditioning, take a shower instead of a bath, separate the garbage, etc. . . These are just examples that can be carried out to return to nature all that it has to offer. Help us to reduce the Ecological Footprint and above all enjoy this unique environment in Southern Europe.


5. Failure to comply with the conditions

Consequences of not complying with the provisions of point 3 of this contract: Cabo de Gata Gestión S.L. reserves the right to send notice to the relevant authorities to vacate the property after corroborating the facts. Therefore, we ask all our guests to respect the environment in which they are and to enjoy with common sense both the facilities of Villazul Cabo de Gata and the Natural Park in which they are located, allowing themselves and others to rest.

Failure to comply with the provisions of point 3 and in turn with the contract or general conditions will imply, not only to immediate eviction from the property, but the loss of the total amount deposited as a deposit for damages. The application of this clause does not imply the possible legal actions that may be exercised by third parties outside of this document in defence of their rights.


6. General conditions for the formalization of the reservation

To confirm the reservation it will be necessary to make a pre-booking deposit of 30% of the total amount agreed. It can be paid by bank transfer, credit/debit card, through our virtual TPV or by Paypal.

The remaining amount plus supplements applicable to pets, extra cleaning, extra beds, cradles or any other such an applicable supplement to the reservation will be made on the day of arrival before the keys to the accommodation are handed over to you. This can be done in cash or by bank card. In addition, the security deposit referred to in point 1 must be paid. After payment, the contract and the on the Protection of Personal Data will be signed by the person adhering to this contract document


7. Cancellation and/or modification policy

Our cancellation and/or modification policy allows you to cancel or modify your reservation up to 20 days before the arrival date. For cancellations or modifications after this period Cabo de Gata Gestión S.L. will invoice you for the deposit made by you at the time of the confirmation of the reservation in the concept ;Cancellation of the reservation out of time"; or Modification of the reservation out of time"; if applicable.

Remember that in the case of changes in dates it will always be taken into account written confirmation by Villazul Cabo de Gata Real Estate SL according to the reasons of availability of our accommodation, also may arise variations in rates up or down by changes in seasonal rates and ; or demand in each specific case.

For more information, please contact our agents. In the event that you cancel or do not show up on the day of arrival, you will be charged the full amount of the reservation as a quot “No Show".


For cancellations due to extension or modification during the present or future states of emergency decreed by the Spanish Government, total or partial cancellation/modification of the reservation will be allowed and 100% of the deposit may be recovered up to 7 days before the date of entry to the accommodation.